Architectural Design Review Board

Current Procedures

The Architectural Design Board of Redwood Shores (ADB) is the legal custodian and administrator of the CC &R’s (Conditions, Restrictions and Covenants), which are attached to the deed of property of most residences west of Shell Parkway. The composition of the Board is registered at the San Mateo County Recorder’s Office.

Compliance with the CC & R’s is neither optional nor dependent upon membership in the Redwood Shores Community Association.

If your property lies within the jurisdiction of the ADB, you are required to seek approval for modifications to your property including additions, renovations, fencing, appurtenances, landscaping and roofing. The Architectural Design Board is appointed by RSCA. We are members of the community who volunteer our time to help maintain the architectural quality of our neighborhoods. We work with a consulting architect.

To submit for design review, please utilize the following procedures:


a. Submit the ADB application and 2 sets of drawings- one set is to be full drawings the other is to be 8 x 12. The drawings should include a dimensioned Site Plan with complete lot summary, fully dimensioned Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations (call out building height), new conditions vs. existing, all exterior materials (roof, wall and trim) specifying color, quality and method of application, and Building Sections. The drawings should not vary from those submitted to City of Redwood City Building Department for permit, except that we do not require electrical or structure. If a change occurs affecting the exterior appearance you must resubmit to the ADB. All new second story additions require a separate design review with RWC Planning.

There is a $50.00 application fee plus-

b. Include a fee of $500.00 for single story review, $700.00 for two-story review, $1700.00 for tear-downs-and rebuilds, these each include an architect fee.

c. There will be additional charges for resubmittals depending on the complexity of the project.

The Board will respond within 45 days of your submittal, per your CC & R’s, with comments or will stamp, approve and return to you one set for The City of Redwood City. The Board will retain one record set.

d. All fees are made payable to Redwood Shores Community Association.


a. Submit the ADB application and samples, specifying material, manufacturer, color and texture. For roofing include underlayment and classification of proposed roof. Please note that not all materials are acceptable. There is a $50. review fee plus the application fee.

b. For Solar applications there is a $100. review fee plus the application fee.

c. The Board will try to respond within 45 days of your submittal. We will either forward comments, or we will approve, stamp and return the permit application. Two sets of plans must be submitted. The Board will retain a record copy.

Please contact the Architectural Design Board at for instructions to drop of plans and submit fees.

Click for the Architectural Design Board Application


*** For a copy of the CCR’s for your home contact and specify “CCR Request” in the email subject line.  The cost for the CCR’s is $350.00 made payable to Redwood Shores Community Association.

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