Memorial Event for Shores Crossing Guard

It was wonderful to have so many Redwood Shores residents here with the family and friends of Ray Robinson to celebrate his life!

This was a very special opportunity for so many people to gather for the dedication event, and we expect so many more will enjoy coming out to see memorial stone (near the corner of Bridge Parkway and Bowsprit Drive) and watch the new grove of trees grow grow around it. Thank you all for making this such a memorable neighborhood moment.

In July of 2017, Redwood Shores said goodbye to a local figure who brightened up the neighborhood with his presence. His friendly wave to everybody who came through the busy Bridge Parkway intersection helped keep the safety of our youngest residents in our minds while putting a good feeling in our hearts.

In tribute to the late Raymond Robinson, the “smiling crossing guard”, community members are invited to attend a memorial to Ray Robinson’s special personality and tributes to Redwood Shores.

Please meet on the corner of Bridge Parkway at 2:30pm on Saturday, April 21st, where Mr. Robinson served our community. The group will then make its way to the Redwood Shores Library to meet the Robinson family, who would really like to meet members of the community and have a little celebration of Ray’s life.

Thanks to all community members who donated for the memorial rock and plaque that will be placed on Bridge Parkway.

More information about Raymond Robinson can be found here.