Have you noticed a little something different about Redwood Shores?

The Redwood Shores Community Association is happy to announce that new electronic informational signs are up and running (although still in testing) at both major entrances to our neighborhood — one on Marine Parkway, and the other on Redwood Shores Parkway.

These new signboards will carry information about local events and services available in our community. Also, in the case of an emergency, the City of Redwood City will be able to deploy alert updates that residents will need to know at such times. Together with The PILOT and the RSCA website & email newsletter, these new signboards will serve the specific informational needs of our community.

A lot of work and time went into bringing these signs online for the Shores, and we thank everybody involved in this project over the years of planning and development. They surely will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

*** Do note, although the signs are up and running, they are NOT yet fully functional, and will be in a test state for a little while still…

You may see test messages and placeholder notices on the signboards during the testing time. The signboards may also not always be on during the testing. Also, experimentation is still being done with brightness levels and nighttime luminescence and message swap time, so do expect some things to possibly change as our team finds the right balance for these new additions to the Shores.